Ten Ways to Become Plastic Free #1

Refuse the plastic bag and carry your own!

The easiest thing you can do is to refuse plastic bags when you go shopping. It's automatic for a shopkeeper to hand these out at checkout so politely stop them and tell them you will use your own or that you will only accept paper.  Here are some super convenient, cool looking options that are easy to pop in your everyday bag so you always have it with you. 


BAGGU Standard Reusable Shopping Bag
Link: http://a.co/ezBwCLg


Screenshot 2018-04-10 20.53.53.png



NetNeed Cotton Reusable Grocery Net Shopping String Bags
by NetNeed
Link: http://a.co/i4OFclZ

Screenshot 2018-04-10 20.56.40.png


Folding Reusable Grocery Bags 5 Pack - 21.6"x13.8" Capacity - Washable, Waterproof Nylon holds Heavy Groceries - Foldable Tote Bag is 4.3"x 4.3" Folded - Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag fits in Pocket
by TiMoMo
Link: http://a.co/0RLYv4X